About Us

Yearning for news about the tech world can be quite troubling these days. Every website out there seems to be lined with their personal interest and biased views about the road the tech world should take. With so many agendas out there it can become a tiring task to search an objective view and keep ourselves informed. MidletPascal is born to fill that void in a market that leans towards sides at all moments. We will approach the news on the tech world for what they are and let your judgment do the rest of the job, after all, you only care about learning for the things that are new when it comes to brands, coding, and new technologies. It’s for you to decide how these new developments work on your best interests.

MidletPascal was created to offer a fair view of the road being taken by every player in the tech market. There are too many views that contradict themselves to settle for one. The tech world is an environment full of ideas that offer the chance to many people to be as creative as they want. That’s how great ideas have come to life, and many of them have become trends that define the market. Is not for us to tell you what is the best approach, we entrust the information to our readers to let them make their decisions. In the long run, it’s paying customers the ones who decide which are the best ideas as well as the ones who get disregarded. We sincerely hope you stick for the ride and get the best out of it. We work for you after all!