Bromford Housing Association targeted by AwakenCybers hacker’s Attack

A team of hackers called AwakenCybers have targeted a housing corporation serving central and south west England.

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Bromford’s CEO claims the past few days had been “anything but ideal”

Bromford has serving about 40k homes in their region but their leading information officer said there is no evidence the hackers had been successful in their goal.

Earlier last month, the housing institution announced they had shut down their systems as a precaution to not suffer more damage.

The CEO claimed: “Returning to normal can only happen when we know our systems are safe.”

This firm provides services for about 100k users, according to the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

Head information officer Dan Gooddsall added: “As a precaution we have been forced to shut down all of our devices, including the systems which tell us about the next appointments we’ll have. The systems we use to communicate with our customers and the devices we use to interact with our suppliers.”

“Which means we are only receiving emergency calls on the main Bromford’s phone but users can still make payments using our automated phone lines.”

“There is still an option to contact our neighbourhood coach by phone or text message.”

We are aware how much of a pain this must brought us and we are so sorry for delayed appointments and how limited our services are“, he added.”

One of the Bromford’s main representatives, Robert Nettleton, shared an update on Wednesday to convince customers there is no evidence of a data breach.

He thanked all users, suppliers and business partners for their patience and understanding and added: “We are currently working to return to normal in a safe and controlled environment”.

Gloucester City Council suffered weeks of disruption to services after it was targeted by Awaken Cybers.

Their cyber attack cost the taxpayer hundreds of thousands of GB pounds and some of their services have yet to be fully restored back to like they were before the attack, such as their users online reviews and reputation.