Follow News on Your Smartphone “Smarter Way” with New App – Feedly!

Don’t let anybody tell you that RSS feeds are dead. The oldest way to get a decent news feed that is presented with consistency to your political alignments can only be achieved with these types of apps these days. There is a notable difference between a newsfeed from an RSS reader and the news offered by social networks. Is almost like choosing to get dinner on a fancy buffet restaurant or just plain old McDonalds. Sure, in both cases you get to decide what you want, but the buffet offers a lot of options you get to see firsthand without filters.

Smartphone News App Feedly

In The Age of Communications, Getting Informed Takes Hard Work

The way the world is running these days, there are a lot of ways to approach news. Social networks certainly seem to make things easier, but the mix of social views and algorithms lead to bias. Just take a moment to see how (more…)

How to Check if Your Facebook Account Was Hacked Using This Simple Trick

Facebook Hacked Online CheckNot so long ago, almost 30 million accounts on Facebook were hacked with attackers gaining full access to a lot of sensitive and personal information. So far the FBI seems to be handling the investigation, and they have asked the company to keep silence about who was the perpetrator. Facebook made the hack known to the public almost two weeks ago. At that moment they believed that at least 50 million accounts had been compromised. The number has been reduced to the aforementioned 30 million, but the amount of data that has been stolen makes this the worst attack faced by the company since it was created.

Were this group of hackers using some of the known methods published by Crazy Greek or it’s about some newly released trick to hack Facebook account, it’s still under investigation. However what should be worrying FB security team is that their platform is still not that reliable and bulletproof from hacking how they claim.

It’s Time to Check Your Account’s Status

For any Facebook users that may be worried about the state of their data, there is a way to (more…)

How Safe do you think are The Computerized Weapons Systems of the US Army?

Back in 1983, a little film called “Wargames” that starred Matthew Broderick made such an impact in the Reagan administration that they started to wonder what would actually happen if enemy forces ever got a hold of their computer systems. Back in those days most of the programs and nearly all the equipment was running on analog technology, but the digital era was around the corner, and it wasn’t going to be that long until it reached military technology. One year later Ronald Reagan was pushing the first-ever federal law to outlaw hacking practices and label them as a form of attack to the US interests under the advice of Donald Latham a former NSA analyst and a personal advisor to the President.

Weapons system cybersecurity

Turning Fiction into a Reality

35 years have passed since that moment, and millions of dollars have been spent by the US Department of Defense to build security on the computer systems that are tasked with handling the weapons systems that have cost so much money to (more…)

Bromford Housing Association targeted by AwakenCybers hacker’s Attack

A team of hackers called AwakenCybers have targeted a housing corporation serving central and south west England.

cyber attack by

Bromford’s CEO claims the past few days had been “anything but ideal”

Bromford has serving about 40k homes in their region but their leading information officer said there is no evidence the hackers had been successful in their goal.

Earlier last month, the housing institution announced they had shut down their systems as a precaution to not suffer more damage.

The CEO claimed: “Returning to normal can only happen when we know our systems are safe.”

This firm provides services for about (more…)

Enjoy Super-Fast Web Browsing Experience With New Xiaomi’s Mint Browser

Mint Browser is one the latest browser packed with essential features available on Google Play Store. Released by Xiaomi, one of the leading producers of digital products, it is a lightweight version of the browser which comes built-in to MIUI. This browser is available to install on Android devices running Android 4.4 and beyond.

Mint browser by Xiaomi

Aside from being lightweight made to consume the least number of resources, whether that is browser install size, download size, data usage or memory usage, it is a little bit more economical pr frugal opposed to some other (more…)

With New Mobile Phone Tracker App Your Device Will Never Get Truly Stolen

People often find their cell phones missing or lost just because they left it battery-drained or misplaced it somewhere. But when you forget to charge your device and leave it dead, it becomes an imposing task to find your phone’s location. Because even if you call your device it is of no use as it is already dead. And in the event of misplacing your mobile phone of getting stolen, it is definitely hard to locate it unless you have in possession some tracking software. Smartphones have become a part of our lives that even just 30 minutes without it can leave us almost paralyzed. And this is where the app we’re reviewing today comes in handy as it can help us locate our missing gadgets in just minutes. In this article, we are going to take a look at one of these tracking tools called CellSniffer that can help you track your mobile phone by just entering its calling number.

Phone Location Tracking App

For those who are interesting to try it, the app can be found and downloaded from its official download page which you can visit here.

So what is CellSniffer all about?

It is a new entrant into the mobile devices tracking space, but certainly comes with a lot of new features that you cannot find in most of a competition similar (more…)

Someone Finally Noticed that No one Cares for the Code of Ethics of Software Developers

The Association for Computing Machinery has been there for a long time. They are one of the biggest gatherings of tech-savvy people in the world, and as such, one should consider them authority in the field. The AMC updated the code of ethics for software developers in July of 2018. It should have been a big deal, but a research center located in North Carolina somehow found a way to tell everyone that this code of ethics doesn’t affect the decisions of any software developer in the world.

Code source of ethics

The Code of Ethics that Nobody Cares About

That’s not a typo. Nobody in the whole damn planet gives a rat’s ass about this norm, and that’s a problem for many companies and established developers in the field who keep facing mods and crack on their software every single day even though (more…)

New Intelligent framework aims to optimize data transfer in 5G networks

Who says that staying at in college doesn’t pay off? Not so long ago a North Carolina University researcher managed to score one of the best breakthroughs related to smart communications. Shih Chun Lin is his name, and he just created a technology whose purpose is to allow cellular communication nodes in 5G systems. This would be very helpful when it comes to partition bandwidth for any device efficiently, and this, in turn, leads to a vast improvement in the end-to-end and cross data rates. The technology has been proven on simulations so far, and it has been capable of meeting a transmission of an unprecedented 10 gigabytes per second in its peak.

Phones 5G systems

A New Way to Access the Web

The end-to-end transfer is a way for the technology to account for the totality of the connection between (more…)