Enjoy Super-Fast Web Browsing Experience With New Xiaomi’s Mint Browser

Mint Browser is one the latest browser packed with essential features available on Google Play Store. Released by Xiaomi, one of the leading producers of digital products, it is a lightweight version of the browser which comes built-in to MIUI. This browser is available to install on Android devices running Android 4.4 and beyond.

Mint browser by Xiaomi

Aside from being lightweight made to consume the least number of resources, whether that is browser install size, download size, data usage or memory usage, it is a little bit more economical pr frugal opposed to some other browsers available out there.

Mint Browser is considered one of the most excellent and reliable browsers available for Android-powered devices. Privacy, security as well as breakneck speed all comes in one small package. With a size of 10MB, this is a lifesaver app you prioritize experience over great specifications.

Key Features

Mint Browser is integrated with advanced features making it one of the best browsers available for 2019. Some of these features include:

Small Size: Breakneck launch speed and low storage requirements bring you online in an instant compared to other browsers available.

User-Friendly: This browser doesn’t have dusty corners. Find the whole thing you want right when you want it.

Full-featured UI: It comes with Incognito and Reading modes, mobile data saving options, and so much more.

Voice Search: The voice search feature allows you to multi-tasking with your hands-free.

Because of its lightweight design, it does not specifically feature rich. However, it does all the basic stuff. There is a data saver mode offered which compressed pictures slightly to minimize data usage. There is no ad blocker, but a notable feature amongst mobile browsers nowadays. Your choice of search engines is limited as well to the default Yahoo and Google. If you like to use DuckDuckGo or anything else, you have to set it as your default start page.

It also comes with a nigh mode feature. It turns the web page dark, making it easier and stress-free for the eyes most especially at night. It works well, even if some websites elements might not function that well. Also, even if it does function, it first loads the website in its original color and changes it dark once it completes loading. So, meaning, you will keep getting flashed by a white, bright screen once you keep browsing or navigating.

Mint Browser will not replace Firefox or Chrome for those ingrained in those renowned browsers. But, those searching for quick and light may like this Mint Browser. It is entirely free without in-app purchases or ads. Although it does have occasional bug, it is new so you must expect that.

The best thing about Mint Browser is that there is annoying advertisements, notifications, hateful promoted content, as well as a start screen that is full of dozens upon dozens of bookmarked promoted websites that now afflicted the MIUI browser. You can no download this app for free on the Google Play Store.