With New Mobile Phone Tracker App Your Device Will Never Get Truly Stolen

People often find their cell phones missing or lost just because they left it battery-drained or misplaced it somewhere. But when you forget to charge your device and leave it dead, it becomes an imposing task to find your phone’s location. Because even if you call your device it is of no use as it is already dead. And in the event of misplacing your mobile phone of getting stolen, it is definitely hard to locate it unless you have in possession some tracking software. Smartphones have become a part of our lives that even just 30 minutes without it can leave us almost paralyzed. And this is where the app we’re reviewing today comes in handy as it can help us locate our missing gadgets in just minutes. In this article, we are going to take a look at one of these tracking tools called CellSniffer that can help you track your mobile phone by just entering its calling number.

Phone Location Tracking App

For those who are interesting to try it, the app can be found and downloaded from its official download page which you can visit here.

So what is CellSniffer all about?

It is a new entrant into the mobile devices tracking space, but certainly comes with a lot of new features that you cannot find in most of a competition similar tools out there in the market. It is exclusively conceptualized and developed to detect missing devices easily just by providing a calling number information of related phone.

According to the team of developers who built this app, the main aim of the team was to provide a complete and guaranteed solution for a user to know his missing phone location easily and quickly. The software not only helps you trace your lost device but also can help you find out true location displayed on a GPS default map inside screen: Google Maps App or iPhone Maps. So if you are a parent and want to know where your kid is located right now, you can just use this software to locate them in no time. This is made possible by using the most latest and advanced GPS technology that was mainly used in the military and police force to track down criminals. Since such a kind of technology yielded 100% accurate results, they decided to use a technology similar to that one to help common people locate their mobile phone or gain access to its location of their loved ones through their personal smart gadgets.

How The App Works?

Even though the technology behind CellSniffer has been in use for many years in many industries, especially the military and police force, it has not gained entry into common people usage. And that is the reason, program can really make a big difference in this industry as it can help you find out a location of yours or someones cellphone pretty quick. It even displays a map with the location of your mobile and you can even see if it is moving. The software uses some of the latest and advanced GPS technology to get the exact location of your mobile phone. Have you noticed when you scroll through FM radio stations that you get your audio clear when you choose the correct frequency? It is the same concept that is being used in this software to get to the precise signals from satellites and get the accurate latitude longitude of your mobile phone.


The CellSniffer is extremely simple and easy to use as anyone can use the tool for their needs. To find your lost mobile phone, all you need to do is open the app and you will be asked to enter some information about device you wish to track, including a country and its SIM number. Just enter required details and click the “Locate” button and the software will use its advanced GPS technology to trace down your phone and its exact location will be displayed in map of your smartphone screen. You can even switch map views between traditional map view or earth view according to your preference. Better use a full-screen mode to help you see desired location more clearly. If your mobile phone is lost and if you think that someone has stolen it and moving around, then click the refresh button to see a current location which will be shown in a right real-time moment.

The software supports both Android (App is .Apk) and iOS operating systems, and Mac OS X & Microsoft Windows OS for desktop PC’s.

The CellSniffer app can be gathered from its official website’s download page.

Why Use This Software?

Since mobile phones have become a daily norm in our life, it is important to have a trusted and reliable software that can help trace down if we misplace or in the event it gets stolen. Not only you need it to locate your lost “pet”, but also helps you know location of your kids and keep you less worried about their safety and security. The software can provide you with the exact GPS mark on map and even if it is moving, it can give you an accurate knowing when you refresh a map. So it is up to you to take the next step in giving a police complaint to retrieve your mobile phone. All it takes is just to enter a calling number provided by its SIM card and the country and the software will quickly locate your gadget in just under minutes. And one of the main advantages of this program is if you are tracing your loved ones cellphones (Spouse / wife / boyfriend or girlfriend), at no point of time, they will have no clue that you are tracking their mobile phone.